Monday, January 17, 2011

SeNuke is Overpriced!

SeNuke is a neat piece of software if used correctly - but it is priced way too high for what it's worth! The price is $127 per month with a 7 day trial.

The program itself is very buggy. The program will often get stuck at bookmarking, creating web 2.0 properties and therefore it requires your constant attention and checking. It is actually far from automated and it just gives the user a sense that they are automating a process that in some situations is done faster manually!

An upside to the software are the fact that it facilitates free captcha solving. Of course they included a free downside to that as well - their captcha cracking server is often down.

Of course many people swear by SeNuke - but all it is really doing for them is organizing their thoughts and motivating them to work that can actually be done just as great manually (or by similar unlimited programs such as bookmarking demon among others).

Software Recommendation - Overpriced, don't touch it!

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

AutoPligg, don't use it

As much as I like positively reviewing products, I cannot do that for the product AutoPligg. AutoPligg is a backlink tool that generates backlinks from "Pligg" sites.

Pligg sites are sites based and cloned like - basically a site in which people can submit interesting stories and if they are truly interesting they will get voted to the top. AutoPligg is able to circumvent the auto registration preventive measures placed by Pligg such as Email verification and captchas so users of it software may place many distributed links across sites that are using the Pligg script.

The software comes with a plethora of Pligg sites to use, but it also encourages searching Google for the "Powered by Pligg" footer. These poor Pligg sites have been spammed to death and the tool at this point is pretty pointless.

Using Pligg now will not bring you any backlinks or help you in your endeavors

Program Recommendation: Not Recommended.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Adsense; use it wisely

Adsense is a great way to generate income from your website if you know what you're doing. For one thing it's not gonna be like  "I made a site I added adsense - awesome money rolling in". No. Adsense requires as much work as you would dedicate to selling an affiliate product. On this review you'll find pretty much all you need to know about Adsense.

Adsense placement is very important. Do not try to hide your ads from your visitors! You won't get clicks if you stick them in the footer far from view. You're gonna have to try to make your Adsense ads in line with your text - as if your the ads are simply something your content is linking to. Normally ad-blindness will stop people from even viewing the ads. Work around that by camouflaging the Adsense into your page.

As for actually getting traffic to sites that are made specifically for Adsense, treat your sites like you're trying to get traffic to your children's fund raiser for their soccer team or some other donation. You're gonna need constant targeted traffic that is gonna do what you want it to do - click your ads.

What do I think the best way to get traffic to these type of sites is? I prefer SEO. I have had success with Social Media traffic and Adsense but I do not think it's worth the return.

Adsense Usage: Recommended

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Xrumer is the Ultimate Backlink Tool

Backlink tools will come and go, people will recommend other tools, people will swear by other tools, but I guarantee you right now: Xrumer is the most powerful backlink tool available. By simply running it for a few days on a server you can get tens of thousands of content-type backlinks to your website.

Xrumer induces a powerful list of forum fields in which it can register on pretty much any forum. Do you add questions on your forum like "What color is the sky?". Well Xrumer has the ability to bypass even those type of protections. Although it doesn't run a virtual browser it even has the capability to read and execute javascript in real time to bypass even those type of protections.

Xrumer cracks captchas locally! No more paying thousands per month for 3rd party captcha cracking services. This feature is what makes this a real powerhouse. In Xrumer 7 it will have the ability to crack the most renown captcha protection service - ReCaptcha!

Do I have a copy of Xrumer? Yes and I love it. Do I recommend it? Only if you have the funds to purchase it. Xrumer isn't some type of magic money maker program. It takes months and months to master fully and will not give you instant results (until you learn it properly).

Program Recommendation: Only if you have the resources for purchasing it.

Peerfly - an Amazing Affiliate Network

Peerfly is an amazing affiliate network filled with many offers that convert very well. Peerfly has been acclaimed as the network to do the least amount of lead scrubbing at a non-advertiser level.

Some of their most notable offers are the E-mail submit offers and their ZIP submit offers. On these CPA pages, people only need to insert their E-mail and press submit and the rest will be a conversion on your side! The fact that Peerfly even runs these offers is proof that they are a top tier Affiliate Network that is worth a shot. 

My personal favorite is the high converting 'Test and Keep the iPhone 4' offer. This offer converts well for pretty much all people within the United States because - who doesn't want a free iPhone?!

I have been paid many times by Peerfly and I am currently on their weekly basis payment flow. I highly reccomend you give them a shot.

AffiliateNetwork Status: Highly Recommended.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

CPA Lead Review

CPALead is a company that is very well known for shaving. I cannot recommend  using CPALead for anything.

There have been many horror stories of how CPALead literally steals money from it's publishers so they can pay their executives higher bonuses. Even if you are a long standing publisher, they will not hesitate to steal all of your earnings.

There are many alternatives to CPALead that you should use in the situation that you need a content gateway and you don't want your money stolen.

Leadbolt is a great alternative. The only downsite to Leadbolt is the fact that everything needs to pass through them before they approve your campaigns. I think this is a great alternative to losing all of your money to a single company.

Other than stealing, other tactics promoted by CPALead are intense "shaving". Normally companies "scrub" leads on the "Advertiser" level. Instead CPALead will remove your earnings on their own level for their personal gain. Apparently they think they can get away with all of this because they own most of the CPA content gateway industry. If you are a potential publisher or a current publisher I highly reccomend you change right away.

Affiliate Network Status: Highly Not Recommended.

Link Farm Evolution Review

Link Farm Evolution is a top notch tool  to create many Wordpress blogs to and use them as backlinks to your sites. The great thing about LFE is the fact that it has a PR filter mode; you can choose the highest PageRank blogs and create them with new articles on the fly.

LFE's "Linkwheel" creation is also something to be looked into. It automatically interlinks the blogs to give you maximum search engine rankings. You can either interlink all of the blogs or skip blog  interlinking to make less of a footprint on your sites.

Personally I have gained very high search engine rankings without the use of interlinking, but I'm sure you can figure out the perfect interlinking formula to provide the best rankings.

Along with Wordpress account creation, it also also has a "Pligg Blaster". This software allows you to submit your links on websites like Digg 100% automatically - no email verification required.

What's the buy status for LFE? Recommended.