Thursday, January 13, 2011

AutoPligg, don't use it

As much as I like positively reviewing products, I cannot do that for the product AutoPligg. AutoPligg is a backlink tool that generates backlinks from "Pligg" sites.

Pligg sites are sites based and cloned like - basically a site in which people can submit interesting stories and if they are truly interesting they will get voted to the top. AutoPligg is able to circumvent the auto registration preventive measures placed by Pligg such as Email verification and captchas so users of it software may place many distributed links across sites that are using the Pligg script.

The software comes with a plethora of Pligg sites to use, but it also encourages searching Google for the "Powered by Pligg" footer. These poor Pligg sites have been spammed to death and the tool at this point is pretty pointless.

Using Pligg now will not bring you any backlinks or help you in your endeavors

Program Recommendation: Not Recommended.

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