Wednesday, January 5, 2011

CPA Lead Review

CPALead is a company that is very well known for shaving. I cannot recommend  using CPALead for anything.

There have been many horror stories of how CPALead literally steals money from it's publishers so they can pay their executives higher bonuses. Even if you are a long standing publisher, they will not hesitate to steal all of your earnings.

There are many alternatives to CPALead that you should use in the situation that you need a content gateway and you don't want your money stolen.

Leadbolt is a great alternative. The only downsite to Leadbolt is the fact that everything needs to pass through them before they approve your campaigns. I think this is a great alternative to losing all of your money to a single company.

Other than stealing, other tactics promoted by CPALead are intense "shaving". Normally companies "scrub" leads on the "Advertiser" level. Instead CPALead will remove your earnings on their own level for their personal gain. Apparently they think they can get away with all of this because they own most of the CPA content gateway industry. If you are a potential publisher or a current publisher I highly reccomend you change right away.

Affiliate Network Status: Highly Not Recommended.


  1. I hate CPALEAD!!! I lost $4,000 that I finally made in one month... to think all the stuff I was going to do with that money :(

  2. I don't think that Leadblot is a much better alternative; but better than nothing.

  3. i can't belive i never bothered to just search cpalead scam on google lol

  4. Yeah . has a high paying gateway email submits on there that pay $1.50 and 2 pagers that pay $2.25