Thursday, January 6, 2011

Peerfly - an Amazing Affiliate Network

Peerfly is an amazing affiliate network filled with many offers that convert very well. Peerfly has been acclaimed as the network to do the least amount of lead scrubbing at a non-advertiser level.

Some of their most notable offers are the E-mail submit offers and their ZIP submit offers. On these CPA pages, people only need to insert their E-mail and press submit and the rest will be a conversion on your side! The fact that Peerfly even runs these offers is proof that they are a top tier Affiliate Network that is worth a shot. 

My personal favorite is the high converting 'Test and Keep the iPhone 4' offer. This offer converts well for pretty much all people within the United States because - who doesn't want a free iPhone?!

I have been paid many times by Peerfly and I am currently on their weekly basis payment flow. I highly reccomend you give them a shot.

AffiliateNetwork Status: Highly Recommended.

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