Monday, January 17, 2011

SeNuke is Overpriced!

SeNuke is a neat piece of software if used correctly - but it is priced way too high for what it's worth! The price is $127 per month with a 7 day trial.

The program itself is very buggy. The program will often get stuck at bookmarking, creating web 2.0 properties and therefore it requires your constant attention and checking. It is actually far from automated and it just gives the user a sense that they are automating a process that in some situations is done faster manually!

An upside to the software are the fact that it facilitates free captcha solving. Of course they included a free downside to that as well - their captcha cracking server is often down.

Of course many people swear by SeNuke - but all it is really doing for them is organizing their thoughts and motivating them to work that can actually be done just as great manually (or by similar unlimited programs such as bookmarking demon among others).

Software Recommendation - Overpriced, don't touch it!

1 comment:

  1. Agreed it is really over-priced. Happy I never touched it.