Thursday, January 6, 2011

Xrumer is the Ultimate Backlink Tool

Backlink tools will come and go, people will recommend other tools, people will swear by other tools, but I guarantee you right now: Xrumer is the most powerful backlink tool available. By simply running it for a few days on a server you can get tens of thousands of content-type backlinks to your website.

Xrumer induces a powerful list of forum fields in which it can register on pretty much any forum. Do you add questions on your forum like "What color is the sky?". Well Xrumer has the ability to bypass even those type of protections. Although it doesn't run a virtual browser it even has the capability to read and execute javascript in real time to bypass even those type of protections.

Xrumer cracks captchas locally! No more paying thousands per month for 3rd party captcha cracking services. This feature is what makes this a real powerhouse. In Xrumer 7 it will have the ability to crack the most renown captcha protection service - ReCaptcha!

Do I have a copy of Xrumer? Yes and I love it. Do I recommend it? Only if you have the funds to purchase it. Xrumer isn't some type of magic money maker program. It takes months and months to master fully and will not give you instant results (until you learn it properly).

Program Recommendation: Only if you have the resources for purchasing it.

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