Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Google Trendinator Review - it's amazing!

Google Trendinator is definitely one of the best auto-blogging tools on earth. It fetches articles for your blog based on the Google Trends allowing you to have your blog to be updated with the latest hype. Guess what happens when your website is filled with content with the latest hype? You get tons and tons of traffic from social networks, mouth to mouth contact, and mainly from Google.


Google is always looking for the sites based on it's own current trends to index and send traffic to.

You'd also think that with the latest Google update this tool would be rendered somewhat useless. To my surprise this tool somehow generates unique content although the readability is sometime questionable. When your site is constantly pumping out unique content and content based on the Google Trends you can expect extreme traffic amounts directly to your site.

Another thing that surprised me were the other features that are also included in the software. It auto-generates article type back-links that are posted in a new article inside a high PR article directory. On top of that the article is Google Trend article.

The feature list doesn't end there. There's also an option to embed your links to your other websites allowing you to have a sort of Google Trend type back-link to your other sites. This option is useless in my opinion unless you have another web host that you can use the software on.

Google Trendinator Buy Status? Extremely Recommended.

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